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Why Phone Cash Is The Best Place To Sell Old Mobile Phones?

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If you have any outdated phone which is not in use or if you are planning to sell your used mobile phone to buy a brand new one, then you should stop thinking about ‘who will buy an old phone’. Yaantra already thought about this problem and decided to buy back the used or outdated mobile phones.


Most people think if a mobile became outdated is it worthless. Well, from the point of mobile users, it is actually true because with the new technology coming into the market everyday most of the apps don’t work on old smartphones. And with this thought, people dump their smartphones which later become E-Waste which is harmful to our environment.

Yaantra understands this major issue that’s why we launched an app called Phone Cash on which you can Sell Used Phones.


Outdated Mobile phones are no longer used by mobile users. That’s why it is an obvious question that pops in your mind. But, Yaantra recycles these smartphones so it can be reused.

Yaantra made it easy for you to sell Used Mobile. You just need to download the Phone Cash App or fill this form to sell old mobile. Not only this, Phone Cash will provide you the best price for your outdated mobile phone. Apart from this, you don’t even need to go anywhere. One of our executives will come to your preferred location and


pick up the mobile phone from you. You will be get paid instantly via bank transfer for your used mobile phone.

Why Should You Recycle Your Smartphone?

Around 120 million mobile phones dumped into landfills every year. A lot of electronic waste can harm the environment. To stop this, one should opt for the recycling of smartphones. PhoneCash doesn’t only helps in recycling but also helps you to buy a new phone in a financial way.


How to Sell Used Mobile Phones On Phone Cash?

- Visit Phone Cash App or website and select the model of your phone.

- Enter the condition of your mobile phone such as phone age, accessories, screen condition, warranty period, etc.


- According to the details filled by you, Phone Cash will calculate the highest and best value of your smartphone.

- Now, enter your pickup details. A Phone Cash executive will reach to your doorstep to pick up your phone.


- Phone Cash executive will check your phone and wipe your data completely so it can never be misused from that particular phone.

- Phone Cash executive will pay you the amount for your phone at the same time via bank transfer.

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